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Virtual Event

  • The first-ever 3D, virtual events platform in Bangladesh, if  not the world
  • Spiral World brings any and every on-ground event, exhibition, trade show, conference imaginable into the virtual event world 
  • Giving attendees and event organizers alike all the excitement and interaction of a physical event unlike ever before
  • Spiral Events features the opportunity to HOST, MEET, INTERACT and NETWORK with an unlimited number of attendees, worldwide, on one incredible platform and much more!
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Upcoming Events

Digital Device & Innovation Expo 2021

Bangladesh is at the doorsteps of a new industrial revolution. With the promise of digital Bangladesh now a reality, ICT products and services have appeared to be one of the most lucrative additions to the country’s overall export basket. In fact, due to the positive interventions made by the visionary leadership of the current government and the introduction of critical regulatory and financial incentives to increase investment in the ICT sector, Bangladesh is fast emerging as a priority destination for the regional and global players of the technology industry.

Visit:  https://ddiexpo.com/ 

What we Offering

Virtual Events for Universities

Virtual Admission Fair

Use an virtual platform to engage students, guardians, faculties globally and share information about your programs, campus, faculty, admissions and other activities. 
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Virtual ICT Carnival

The event has been designed in such a way so that it gets a real festival mode. There are competitions, project showcase, counseling and mentoring, fun events, learning opportunity, networking scope and many more  
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Virtual Job Fair

Play matchmaker for organizations and qualified candidates with fully remote online job fairs, featuring virtual job boards, virtually transformation of employment and much more

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Virtual Events for Organizations

Virtual Conference

Transform your event into a completely virtual experience, with the easiest portal to keynotes, Seminars, sessions, and much more.
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Virtual Trade Show

Stimulate Your  Target Audience with Virtual Trade Shows. The most qualified leads and creating buzz by showcasing your products in a cost-effective Virtual trade show.
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Virtual Meetup

Engage Prospective Business Personality, Industrialist, students with Alumni Networking Events. Impress prospective events and connecting them with successful MeetUp 
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